Picker's Luncheon!

Fruit_BlogAt the beginning of August, Erickson Covenant Church hosted our first annual ‘Picker’s Luncheon’.

This event was spear-headed by Becky Coons, whose heart was to honour and serve, in love, the multitudes that travel to Creston to work hard for us during the harvest season. IMG_8424_blog

Becky planned for approximately 100 people and in the end 300 showed up! Eventually the food ran out but, despite this lack she says that the environment was joyful, comfortable and full of music! And she states that there was no lack of gratitude, one of the pickers brought in a bowl of cherries to show how grateful she was. Even weeks later folks were still stopping the servers on the street to thank them again.

IMG_1269_Blog IMG_1270_Blog IMG_1267_Blog
The volunteers involved in this event felt exhausted at the end. However, they said that it was a good kind of exhaustion because it felt wonderful being able to serve.

Great job everyone!!!

BeckyThe plan is to hold this event again next August. We hope those of you who missed out this round have the chance to participate next year.

<<< Please chat with Becky Coons if you have any questions or thoughts.

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