It’s that time again! You can stay connected and “IN THE KNOW” right here!14MAR_THEME_STANDARDVectorThis Sunday, March 9th will be our FX (Family Experience)!

In March our KidZone theme will be about Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. When we choose to forgive others, it’s a response to the great love and forgiveness God has shown us. Forgiveness means letting go of what someone did to us in order to restore the relationship.

But forgiveness isn’t always a simple exchange. What if the person never apologizes? Forgive anyway. What if the person does it again? Forgive again. What if the person never changes? Keep on forgiving. By controlling how you respond and making an alternate choice to forgive, you can delete the impact of what that person did to you.14MAR_LifeApp_STANDARDVector

This is a joint event sponsored by Erickson Covenant, Creston Baptist, New Life Christian and Glad Tidings Pentecostal. Tuesday, April 8th @ 7:00p at the New Life Church

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