Reaffirming Women in Ministry

One of the things that stands out in the Evangelical Covenant Church is our affirmation of women in ministry leadership. In our church membership classes, we have explored God’s mission to us and through us. I thought a little post on this, suggesting some further reading, might be helpful for us.

God has gifted his people, women and men, for full participation in his mission.  By his Holy Spirit, Jesus calls men and women to lead and serve his body, the Church, enabling us to grow and mature as the people of God.

And while some evangelical churches have placed certain restrictions on where and how women can serve, the Evangelical Covenant Church does not do so. Rather, we affirm women in all ministry and leadership positions within the church, with no exceptions. “We believe that the biblical basis for service in the body of Christ is giftedness, a call from God and godly character—not gender.” (from Called and Gifted, 2)

Some people who are new to the Covenant may come from traditions that are not so affirming of women in leadership. Others among us don’t even realize that the role of women in leadership has been an issue! Wherever you are on the spectrum, I would encourage you to read more about the Covenant Church’s affirmation of women in ministry by reading the booklet or watching the DVD “Called and Gifted: A reaffirmation of the biblical basis for the full participation of women in the ministries of the church.”

“We believe that the Bible teaches the full equality of men and women in creation and redemption, and we affirm women in all roles and ministry positions within the church.” (Called and Gifted, 16)

At the Erickson Covenant Church, we encourage every woman and every man to answer the challenge of Romans 12:4-8 that, “according to the grace given to each of us” we should serve the body of Christ in the unique way God has called us to do so. I’m excited to see more people serving in the Erickson Covenant Church, according to the grace given to them. Leaders are surfacing everywhere, called to minister in Jesus’ name. New people are being loved, new communities are being developed, more are hearing of God’s love for them. What could be more exciting?

~ Tom Greentree


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