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Welcome to God’s Zoo!

This is where we play, laugh, learn, grow, and celebrate the way God loves all His creatures – especially kids! We want you to know a few things, as you join us:

First of all, Erickson Covenant Church LOVES kids!  We are so thrilled that your family has decided to join us here and that your kids are going to learn and grow with us!

Second, your children will join a specific group of kids when they come and they’ll stay with that group for a few years.  We hope this will help them build friendships with other kids and also strong relationships with the teaching team.

All the teachers are very friendly and happy to meet parents.  Introduce yourself and get to know them!

Blue Llamas
The Blue Llamas are two and three years old right now. Their teachers are (clockwise from the top)Ella Jaggers, Bree Prier, Lajla Loughran, Jaelynn Coons,William Nelson, and Avery Adsett .  They meet in the blue room.

Orange Orangutans
The Orange Orangutans are four through to grade 2. Their teachers are (clockwise from the top)Maddy Prier, Darcie Shurgelo, Cannie Mawson, Terri Goulder, Gavin McBlain, and Micha Shurgelo.  They meet in the orange room.
Green Iguanas
The Green Iguanas are grades 3 to 6. Their teachers are Leslie Leblanc, Ken White, Doug Riehl, Colleen Bayley,  and Marsha Mackie.  (Pictures are coming) They meet in the library.
There is a nursery for children who are under two years of age. Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery, but there are great volunteers and you’re welcome to leave your babies with them. Please note that since the nursery is cared for by volunteers they are not able to change diapers, someone will come and find you if your child needs to be changed.

Third, we try really hard to make God’s Zoo something kids want to be part of.  But we understand that some children struggle to be away from their parents.  If that’s your kid, there are designated “Parents’ Chairs” in each class so you can an unobtrusive observer.  If your child would rather stay with you in the service, the Dream Team has special activities for them to enjoy.

Finally, Dana Sproule is the pastor who does her best to wrangle God’s Zoo!  Dana is always happy to talk and work to make things better for our kids.  If you have questions, concerns, ideas, hopes, dreams, or you decide you want to get in on the fun and volunteer, please get in touch with her!

Dana Sproule



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