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Our Sr. & Jr. youth meet as one group on Friday evenings

from 7 – 9 ish pm at the church building.

Join our Erickson Covenant Youth Group

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Youth FB page: Erickson Covenant Church Youth




Sr. Youth
Our Sr. Youth leaders are: Jack Nelson, Trudy Woolsey and Lucas Branstetter.




Jr. Youth
Our Jr. Youth leaders are: Cheryl Jaggers, Marg Surgelo, Mike Fitzpatrick and Brendyn Mitchell.

2 thoughts on “Youth

  1. I would like to get involved next time in cooking for Teen Alfa, finding ways to reach more teens…hand out invitations, give rides to teens in town…OR could it be hosted somewhere closer to town so they can make it a Friday night night out for them??

    1. Good Morning Ellen,

      Thank you so much for your interest and care for our teens. Please know that I have forward your heart desire to Jo-Ann Ewing.

      Take good care.

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