Global Leadership Summit 2021

The motto of the Global Leadership Summit that is repeated over and over is “When a Leader Get Better, Everyone Wins”  Throughout the pandemic, this truth has been driven home with astonishing clarity, not only as we witness leadership influence on the global stage, but also as we see the difference health and intentionality has made in our own leadership circles. More than ever, leadership matters.

But as we all know, we don’t become healthier, more resilient, more creative leaders without intentionality and a focused effort . The Global Leadership Summit has been a key leadership growth catalyst in our own lives, and we invite you to consider how it might help inspire and encourage you and the leaders with whom you shepherd.  

Like many events during the pandemic, the Global Leadership Network quickly made a pivot and moved their premier leadership training events to an online platform.  Again this year, their primary focus has been to deliver world-class and world-wide leadership training using a digital platform.  But this October, with the COVID restrictions gradually easing, we have the opportunity to come together in a small in-person event.  Would you consider joining us for two days of leadership training and inspiration? 

Find out more about the event at: 

On October 21-22, we are hosting the Global Leadership Summit here at the Erickson Covenant Church.  We will limit numbers and follow the Provincial COVID protocol to ensure maximum safety.   

You can sign up online at the same website:

NOTE: Members of Erickson Covenant Church can receive a Host Site Discount – Contact for more information.

Whether you join us in-person or join us online, don’t miss this opportunity to fuel and inspire your leadership.  Please feel free to forward this email onto anyone else who might be interested,

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call us.

Tom & Dan


Tom Greentree
Lead Pastor
Erickson Covenant Church

Dan Mawson
GLS Production Lead
Global Leadership Network Canada\
250-215-0037  |  800-804-0777


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