Children’s Ministry

At Erickson Covenant Church, we love and cherish children and families and we are committed to helping them find and follow Jesus. We do this through a variety of ministry programs, as well as through relationships within our church community.
Our primary children’s programming happens Sunday mornings during our corporate gatherings. After participating in the opening songs and Scripture readings in the larger worship gathering (including a special children’s song), children are welcomed into age appropriate classes designed to help them grow in their understanding of God’s love for them and how we are all part of God’s Big Story, given to us in the Holy Scriptures.
We provide children’s programing from infancy to 9 years old. While the nursery area is set up for children from infancy to age 3 and and is parent managed, children 3 to 9 learn a key Bible story, followed with lesson related activities and crafts. Our Kidzone area is set up with developmentally appropriate environments for all children, and parents are more than welcome to come and sit in on lessons.
Another way we help encourage children and families, as well as the community as a whole, is by hosting a quarterly “Kids’ Sunday”. On these special Sunday, all the children remain in the service and participate in the singing (and song leading), Scripture readings, enjoying puppets and Bible stories and activities and games. The whole church joins in and it’s a way of celebrating our life together as a whole community. What’s more, we then host a potluck following Kids’ Sunday, which is always so much fun.
At Erickson Covenant Church, we take children’s safety seriously. All our children’s ministry volunteers have current criminal record checks and have received Plan to Protect training, and we follow those Plan to Protect protocols for the sake of all children. We love your kids, and want every child to be safe and secure in our community.
If you have any questions about our children’s ministry or any concerns you’d like to voice, please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Bonny Bjarnason, at