Let’s talk about our worship gatherings. 

We’ve got two Church Online services: Sunday and Tuesday evenings

On this chilly October weekend, I invite you to join your brothers, sisters, and fellow truth seekers as we gather for church online. Together, we’ll worship Jesus and explore the last of our four week series taking A Closer Look At Who We Are as a Covenant Church. As always, we have two online service times: tonight (Sunday) and Tuesday evening, both at 7pm

We’re adding a third In-Person Service on Sunday mornings, starting November 1st

While we will continue to gather at Covenanters for church online on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at 7pm, we’ll be adding a 3rd worship service at the ECC building, where you will have an opportunity to attend in-person worship services Sunday mornings at 10am. As you can imagine, these in-person services will be quite different than when we met pre-Covid. We will not only need to RSVP in order to come so that we do not exceed 50 people, but when we do gather we must do so according to the guidelines set out by the BC Centre of Disease Control. And on top of all that, we’ll be recording for church online.

Personally, I’m excited for both online and in-person options, as God continues to grow us up and send us out as his missional people (I’ll be talking about that in this week’s services!). Please pray for the ministry teams responsible for making this all happen.

What do you need to do?

Click Here so you can reserve a spot in the upcoming week’s service. If you aren’t able to come this week due to capacity, don’t worry — we’ll make sure everyone who wants to come in-person will have an opportunity to do so over the weeks ahead. And if you can’t come Sunday mornings, please make Sunday evenings or Tuesday evenings your go-to worship service.

And, as always, let’s continue to connect as ECC community groups, caring for one another, praying together, gathering around God’s Word, and pursuing his dreams for us. That’s all for today, friends. May the Father’s grace uphold us all.