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(FUL)Filling Spirit: How Jesus’ Promise of Witness is Coming True in Us

Flourishing in 2020: The Keystone Habit of Memorizing Scripture

Advent & Christmas 2019: The Holy Spirit of Christmas

Why Our Daily Labour Matters

The Gentle Healer Came

The King’s Speech

All the Easter Stones 2019

God Never Forgets


Advent & Christmas 2018

TBH: Bearing Towards Honesty Through the Psalms

Kingdom Stories

Family Matters

Extraordinary Lives

The Gospel of Ruth – How God Uses the Unnoticed to Accomplish the Unimaginable

Setting Our Loves

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Exchange

Obstacles of Faith

Serving, Growing Together in Christ

A Life Worthy of the Calling

Images of God

Following – Lessons From the Last Days of Jesus

Walking With God in the Dark

Just Run – Jonah

Summer School of Prayer

Movement – How God’s Word Moves Us


Jesus Revealed – Lessons in Revelation

Living the Proverbial Good Life

The Gospel of Mark

Being God’s Church on Purpose

Why? Christians Give

Your Biggest Question?


Vision & Values

Special Sermons