ECC Connect Groups 2023

Starting Dates: Early October
Ending Dates: Mid-December

Tuesday Connect: Who is Jesus, Really?
Knowing Who Jesus is sits at the centre of the Christian faith, and yet there are many ideas about Jesus that don’t ring true to the Gospels. So who is Jesus, really, and how can we know him better? Through portions of Mark’s Gospel, we’ll explore the character and nature of Jesus, who is the Christ, so we know Jesus better and grow in our faith in him.
Group Details: 7:30pm Tuesday Evenings. Hosted in Lister.

Wednesday Connect: Following the Steps of Jesus
A survey of Jesus’ early ministry in Galilee, with discussion about its practical applications for our lives. 
Group Details: 3:00pm–4:30 pm Wednesday Afternoons. Hosted in Creston

Wednesday Connect: Confident Prayers
Everyone prays, and yet prayer can be mysterious and intimidating. How can we pray with more confidence? What does it mean to “have a conversation” with God? What can we learn from the Bible as well as history, so we can incorporate more confident prayer into our lives? Together, we’ll explore some of what the Bible says about prayer, as well as practical ways of praying.
Group Details: 6:30pm Wednesday Evenings. Hosted in Canyon.

Wednesday Connect: Revelation Within: Biblical Approach to Weight Loss (Women Only)
A Biblical approach to weight loss which is not a diet or even focused on food! It addresses the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of caring for ourselves and the way we eat.
Group Details: 6:45pm Wednesday Evenings. Hosted in Wynndel.

Thursday Connect: The Alpha Film Course – Men’s Breakfast
Following the Alpha Film Series, this Connect Group will enjoy breakfast and conversation around the core truths of the Christian faith.
Group Details: 6:30am-8:15am Thursday Mornings. Hosted in Erickson at the ECC Building.

Thursday Connect: Learning from Luke
Following the Luke text from our Sunday’s MasterClass message series, this Connect Group will help us dig deeper and discuss practical responses to Luke’s Gospel.
Group Details: 7:00pm Thursday Evenings. Hosted in Erickson.


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